ZFS + Clonezilla images for Dedup

Discussion in 'Server Stuff' started by Mun, Nov 5, 2015.

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    I have been recently attempting at work to get our image store down to a more manageable size. Currently we have around 800 Gigs of images, and mostly of windows 7, with light edits here and there for different hardware and deployment types.

    In comes the hopeful beauty of deduplication built in zfs. Effectively the hope was that all the images could be consolidated into the near single size of a regular image. We could have theoretically infinite images, and just have the overhead cost of the light changes and drivers.

    However, after a solid test and a few scrubs, this is not the case.

    root@fastback:~# zpool list sto1
    sto1  1.81T  1.17T   655G         -    22%    64%  1.04x  ONLINE  -
    For deduplication to be working appropriately we would want the dedup value as of current 1.04x to be much greater. Something like 7x - 10x with the current number of images deployed to the server. However, it is only barely making an effort at 1.04.

    It also seems I'm not the only one with these issues: http://sourceforge.net/p/clonezilla/mailman/message/26847521/

    In any case, I hope this helps someone out in this lovely world before making a decision on how to store clonezilla based images.

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