Why remove the San Jose server if it was the one everyone played?`

Discussion in 'General' started by boopinshire, Nov 1, 2019.

  1. boopinshire

    boopinshire New Member

    Hey, BOE here. Trying to figure out why the San Jose server was removed over San Fran? San Jose was the server everyone played on, people only went to San Fran when there were issues with SJ, atleast in the few years I've been living out here on west coast and playing here. I haven't played since because my ping to SF is like 20 higher than SJ. What was the reasoning behind this? Just curious. I would love to keep playing TFDB but GSN was only good west coast server with a good ping and I don't feel like playing with 20 higher ping when the SJ server was great.

    Can this be a petition to revert that or is it just not going to happen?
  2. boopinshire

    boopinshire New Member

    Just joined and played for a bit. Like 3 others in there, all agree that server is dead ever since SJ deleted and that it should be back over SF. Food for thought. I'm moving to east coast anyway, but I really enjoy the TFDB community. I been around since it started in 2010, I want it to keep going. I would pay big money for a standalone tfdb and have tried to make it a few times lmao. I just dont want it to die, and making bad choices like this one (SF > SJ) are going to kill it faster. Theres only probably like <300 people that even play, and I feel like that number is generous.

    Keep TFDB alive!
  3. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    A few reasons...

    1. Cost. San Jose was really expensive, and for the player base that was left... it was overkill. We had a dedicated server and it wasn't being used much anymore in terms of players.
    2. Issues. San Jose may have had good ping, but we had a bulk of players who had nothing but issues with it because of wonky network peering. We had multiple days where people were seeing 300+ ping for no reason at all. Talking to the provider gave us nothing.
    3. Flexibility. San Jose was monolithic and huge. Basically we ran a bunch of servers because we had idle space. Not because the players wanted it.
    4. TF2 is dying. Basically, the writing has been on the wall for years. As such moving away from something super costly, to a smaller set of servers to preserve what is left of the TF2 community made the best sense. Most days San Jose was empty anyways.
    5. My Time. I don't have as much time or energy to invest in managing and maintaining a huge fleet of servers. So knocking down the server count is the best for me.
    6. San Francisco was always intended to replace San Jose.
    7. GSN Died long ago... Frankly the community died years ago. We have been on life support in my opinion for years. I really have tried hard to keep this place for others. However, I have lost all want to deal with the people now crowding the community.
    8. Overwatch is a newer implementation of TF2 and everyone went to it.
    9. Dodgeball.... is bound to become boring as you can only flick a rocket so many times before you are done.
    10. Finally.... because we wanted to see if San Francisco would help resurrect GSN. GSN has been dying slowly but steadily at San Jose. People had issues with it. As such a change was clearly needed. Only time will tell if it will make an improvement for other players.

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