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    So as a web site administrator there are a ton of questions on how much my web site can handle, and what the issues might be. This is only coped by the fact that your only way of stress testing your site is either you refreshing the page 1000+ times, or sending a massive email out saying hit the site gentlemen, which gives you iffy results as everyone comes on at different times.

    Well as I was browsing the internet I found a solution to those problems. It is called and it can simulate up to 50 simultaneous connects a second on their free plan and on the top tier can do 100,000 connections O_O.
    In any case I tested this site to figure out just how much it could handle and I was massively impressed. So I first want to say we can handle the 50 simultaneous user with no problem and the server didn’t even spike. I was watching logs, server processes and memory and it all handled with no major destruction of the server, unlike one of my other sites. This is not only a great statement for, but and vanilla forums. is our middle-man web service that optimizes, caches, and protects this site. So great job guys and thanks. Vanilla Forums is an open source forum software, which is what we use here at Town-Assembly, but please note that we don’t use their hosting. However, with the great results that we received it speaks on how well they have optimized the code. So now lets get to the results.


    So this is the test. The Green line is the slow increase in number of simultaneous users hitting the site. The orange line is the amount of bandwidth, and the blue is the load times. Initially you don’t see any blue bar, which I’m not sure why, but it spikes. However after that is had load times in under 3.0 Seconds, which is great. I mean just wonderful, especially since it stayed constant after that all the way up to 50.


    This image shows the break down of the content via size being sent from the server. In our case we have a very large Application/x-javascript, followed by images, and text/css. Mainly this is because of all the apps that we have loaded in Town-Assembly, though it isn’t bad. The second pie chart shows that the text/html takes most of the time to load, and this is because of the HTTPS.


    This last image shows us that we had no failures!!!! That is just wonderful, nothing was dropped, or left behind. Each of the items shown in this list are certain requested files from the server and they all load pretty fast, except the main index.php, as stated before this is because of HTTPS.
    In any case this is really great news and shows that we are ready for the load soon to come. If you wish to further look into the results you can follow this link to the results page:
    If you want to test again you are more then welcome to, except that you must use to do it, and that they don’t lock down the testing.
    If you know of another great testing service please let me know and I will test it against the site and post the results. I would also like to see other peoples results so please post below.

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