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  1. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    FINALLY, hammer crashed compiling this map 10 times in a row and I kept adding little details to the map in the spare time.
    mediafire link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/l45od93r472mjj2/vsh_egyptyspot_redone_v5c.bsp/file

    Gameplay changes-
    Added a small ramp in the pool area.(hopefully you can't get stuck there in a mini game mode)

    Fixed error prop on table by pool, jungle updated changed the file path of the prop, thus making it a error. It was a steak now its a banana.

    Fixed the push water in the middle only pushing 1 person at a time
    (had a onpushall input when the fuction was already a apply impluse)

    Added a bit more ammo,hp in the map, felt trapped as most classes when it comes to some areas.

    Added a bit more stuff in the water to lower hiding spots, increase visability.

    Made it so at the end of rounds you cannot spam 20 different sounds if you jumped into the gator triggers during the end round period.

    Simplified route to push ramp by blue spawn.

    The 1 pillar in the gator room resets faster after falling (3~2.5)

    Removed a few barbed wires above the main area

    A little less crouching in the secret rooms to make faster gameplay.

    Added a sand dune in the water near the middle~ by red spawn/ ramp area to give some elevation options and more ways to get around for classes/bosses. You can stand on parts of it for a reason. (cant build sentries on said "hill". Sentries in good spots in water feels exessive)

    Made a wall go from 32-64 units by the ladder near blue spawn (more cover once you climb the ladder)

    Player-clipped main plaza area more

    Extra changes-
    HHH and CBS themes are disabled during the map.

    Added a few more func lods for better fades(might save a frame or 2)

    Shrunk 3d skybox ( was reading that it might help with some fps since skyboxes are rendered at all times)

    Added the admin room from below zero with the next round logic triggers, only able to get to it via no-clipping. Games are just simple games like everyone is larger mode, small mode, and removing the wall clippings around the map.

    Screenshot (772)_LI.jpg
    Part of the no clipping mode forced me to make objects in background more soild and better shape displacements, still not perfect but its servisable.

    Should have better texture,lighting quality with a better automatic compiler compared to the older versions.

    -end log
  2. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    I think VSH died though.
  3. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    Can't Stop won't stop mun , Below zero gunna be finished in a few days. 4 mini game modes and too many little things to count Screenshot (778).png

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