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  1. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything. - game banana download steam workshop download.

    9 ammo boxes, 1 full, 2 large, and 3 small hp kits. Map does demand a lot of fps in some outdoor areas near the fountain.
    PigPig map. Only potential problems is the underground tunnels (2 way tunnel like spotline), some hiding spots, and like 1 annoying camp spot on the edge of the buildings here:

    Boundaries of map:[​IMG]

    Pics of map:

    Post thoughts on map and if why we should or shouldn't try it out !
  2. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

  3. It looks interesting. I like the details. That camping spot looks like it could be a problem. It is big but it looks (from the photos) open. But what is of course a huge negative is the FPS demanding. That could be a problem with people already having bad problems with their computer.
  4. Garyx

    Garyx New Member

    That does look like a really nice map, not too big, not too small.
  5. Holdfish

    Holdfish (G-S.N) Admin

    Statue of hale holding a ball? I'm sold.
  6. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    @Mun resolved ?

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