Resolved VSH remove suggested map:arena watchtower

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  1. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    This needs no explanation but here is a little tidbit for how easy it is as hale and how bad this map is in general for vsh and why its the least popular map in the rotation.

    -2 small hps high up on pipes, 2 small ammo in dark corners than hales can easily cover, that's it for hp and ammo.....
    -Hale can super jump at the start of the round onto the middle pipe on RED side and intercept any rush into the middle easy.
    -No decent area for eng nests to build in besides the pipes that are really out in the open and easy for players to spot and can super jump and kill engs from a number of tough angles to stop.
    -Has a banned spot on the top of the broadcast tower that only like easter bunny can reach
    -Kills the server how boring it is and has no tradition in gsn vsh
    -it has only been in the rotation for around 2 years and has no nostalgia for anyone in gsn.
    -I've done 2 hale rounds in a row without super jumping on near full servers and taken under 3k each......

    Agree and show support #banthewatcher
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    Mun you are amazing

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