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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Mun, May 23, 2014.

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    A couple of months ago I was running a few gaming servers at urpad.net when all of a sudden my server went offline. I though “It’s just a small outage, don’t need to worry about it.” However, it didn’t get fixed. It didn’t come back online. So I put in a ticket to find. “We have suspended your service due to running a gaming server.” Well evidently they had updated there Terms of service without informing me. Though I was pissed initially, I asked “Could you please turn my server back on so that I can move off of your host.” Sadly after 48 hours they couldn’t and as such seemed to probably have corrupted the VPS that I run upon. “Wonderful!”

    Now really the issue at this point is of my own, I was the one Violating TOS, not them. However, I would suggest taking a deep look into there TOS before hand as they are the most stringent host I have ever seen. Not to mention they have a Server load cap of 5, which is alarmingly low, due to the face one large database getting hit will cause that. As well as if you ever go from being no one to someone on the internet, you will probably exceed the TOS somewhere.

    So in any case, they have fast good servers, but there TOS will kill you eventually, and there staff likes to kill things that violate TOS.

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