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Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by Comedy, Sep 4, 2017.

  1. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    I've been muted for a while now and till this day I regret what I said. I remember perfectly. I joined the game for a while and I lost my chill, it was when I just started playing VSH, and like mostly everyone they mess up at first. The hale killed me and typed "kys" right when I typed it I felt rude and guilty, so then flash gave me a very fair ten minute mute he told me to chill, a while past and I said it again without thinking ,now I remember this moment and feel like an idiot. That as when flash issued me a 56000 minute mute I believe. For a week I was a little mad, but I was thinking about it flash gave me way to many chances, and I just ruined it. So now I hope we can all agree that I had learned my lesson. I join gaming servers network often and it really feels bad to not communicate with the beautiful people on these servers, and I'm on rank 68 on a VSH server on gsn and it looks bad and feels bad to be muted, also not being able to communicate with the good community of gsn. I really hope you consider unmuting me and ungagging me, thanks for reading. #Ilovegsnandit'scommunity
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  2. Cheeze-e

    Cheeze-e New Member

    I don't want to be that guy, I really don't, but I just have to say...
    Personally, if I were to create an Ungag request, I would try to avoid sounding like a kiss-ass. It just gives off weird vibes, at least for me.

    And no, I'm not saying you should not get ungagged, I'm just saying I would avoid sounding weird for next time. Or maybe I'm just looking way too deep into this, that's a more likely possibility.
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  3. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    Umm, who are you? Can you link me your steam profile @Comedy
  4. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin


    You have had 8 offenses dating back to 2016. You were extremely racist, disrespectful, and micspammed like no other. In the end these all added up given that you already had 8 chances so I changed Flash's silence on you to permanent. One of those comm blocks was for 2 weeks which you could've taken as a time to reflect but instead you came back and did the exact same things. It shouldn't have taken you 8 offenses to realize that what you did was wrong.

    Here are some holes in your story: You said you remember perfectly and that Flash muted you for 10 minutes when there is no 10 minute log in those comm blocks. Your first mute was from me (30 mins) in 2016. You said Flash muted you but his first mute on you was 4 months after I had muted you four times which means you weren't really new to VSH or the rules for that matter. Flash also never issued you a 3-4 week mute, neither did I. So I'm having a hard time believing your story unless @Flashbackmaniac can say it's true.
  5. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    noted,thanks,this request means a lot to me ,so I better do it right

    Cheeze-ze,my other unmute and ungag request will come out in 2018 or 2019
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  6. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    But I have truly changed during that time,it was 2016 at that time now its 2017,soon to be 2018,if you don't think I have changes,its fine because I respect every ones opinion,ill come back in 2018 or 2019 or even 2020 if that is what it takes,also I do agree that I didn't put parts in the story in all I remember is that ten minute mute sorry if anything came out wrong
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  7. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

  8. Holdfish

    Holdfish (G-S.N) Admin

    Ah, comedy. I remember you when you weren't gagged. Really had those attitude problems and toxicity. At one point, you were being racist on the server.
    The things you did weren't pretty. Though what you do know I haven't seen. In my opinion, you deserved it. I know people can change, but eight offenses is your limit? You should have stopped when you were warned the first time! In the end, you already knew what was coming for you. Given the chances you had.
  9. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    Does this mean I can't be unmuted even if I wait five-three years,to post another ungag request.
  10. Holdfish

    Holdfish (G-S.N) Admin

    I'm not saying that you won't be unmuted, I'm just saying that you were given chances to correct your mistakes.
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  11. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    Are you implying that the eight chance was my last one because if that's the case let me just kindly remind you that this mute was dated back in 03-26-17,the time of now is 9-6-17,very soon to be 2018,more than half a year almost a year,as you said"I know people can change",and that's me I have changed I truly have,if you don't think so,as I said before I respect everyone's opinion.I'm really sorry if it sound like I'm begging or some of this comes out wrong,its just that,like I said before:this unmute request means a lot to me.
  12. Comedy have you ever heard of the saying, " Three strikes and YOU'RE OUT " ? Let's just have that but eight strikes and you're out. When the man gets the third strike do they let him back in RIGHT AFTER he got the last strike? No they don't. It may have been almost half of a year but you need to just wait okay? Let yourself grow a little more then come back.
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  13. Comedy

    Comedy New Member

    Agreed,Expect me in the middle of 2018

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