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Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by xanny, Oct 21, 2017.

  1. xanny

    xanny New Member

    user - xan
    id - STEAM_0:1:175681922
    Hi, I went on the SJ dodgeball server like I do every night and iIjust got banned for some reason. I literally just got in when I got banned. Thanks.
  2. Garyx

    Garyx New Member

    Care to explain this? Maybe I'm missing a good reason to block a VPN but if I recall correctly there really should be no reason to do such a thing anyways. Made me curious to dig a little further and you have quite a few chat spam gags as well, two of which are eleven minutes apart from the prior one. With all this being said could you elaborate more on why you use blocked VPNs? I'm pretty sure your bans have also been lifted by now which really begs the question about the VPN and why you did this with it. @Mun @Flashbackmaniac @HunniiBear
  3. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    Are you using a VPN?
  4. xanny

    xanny New Member

    Hi, the issue with the gags were just me spamming binds and being stupid as usual. The VPN issue is most likely due to the VPN app I recently downloaded to allow me to play RuneScape with my friends during my free period at school. I'm not sure whether I turned it off when I got home that night so that is most likely the problem. Thanks.

    Edit: My RuneScape VPN was the problem. Sorry for any inconveniences I've caused.

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  5. Garyx

    Garyx New Member

    Your best bet for the future is to not use your VPN with GSN servers at this point, try to remember to turn it off in the future to avoid having to come here. GL & HF

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