Unresolved Suggested VSH map removals from the rotation.

Discussion in 'Report Issues / Get Support' started by Chicago_Ben, Oct 27, 2017.


How many of these maps do you think should be removed?

  1. 0, I want 200 maps

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  2. 1-2, Only a few maps ruin things atm

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  3. 3-4, Some are problems rest are ok for now.

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  4. 4-7, these maps looked at me funny

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  5. 8-11, Mantrends only, Military Area, only MG's

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  1. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    This is a list of maps I believe should be considered to be removed and I will tier it off maps that don't require much opinion, and maps that are more controversial and should be more polled to have a better idea if it should be deleted.

    I do not expect all these maps to be removed in 1 going, we have 67-68 maps atm and I recommended 11 removals.

    Maps that should be considered heavily to be removed for labeled reasons:
    1.) vsh_minerealms_the_end_depressao
    Map gets complained about all the time, the tallest black tower can be camped by snipers and hales have a hard time getting up there.
    It is a very dark map that is annoying to see hale in.
    The DJ Room is a heavy/medic camp fest that is a 1 way room which while hilarious at times could be frustrating to hale players and overall makes this a cheese map.
    Too many hiding spots for such a small map.
    2.) vsh_megaman6_rc1
    Overall the 2 new mini maps are good for servers with 80 players, often rounds take forever on this version due to map size. Also the 15 second before hale can move is a waste of time. Overall the larger size maps this version has makes this one the least playable version of the 3 megaman maps we have. This is one of those maps that should be moved to like a event map rotation and be more on the side instead of completely removed.
    3.) vsh_fuiji
    Map feels too small and hale can instantly jump into red spawn. Overall a very ugly looking map that I just hate for its laziness and ugliness. Also has a stuck spawn right next to Red spawn and that high middle area makes the layout sorta awkward.
    4.) vsh_citypeak_v1
    Map has 4-5 small ammo kits, 2 small hp kits for a map that's pretty large, map is very open but all the high elevation areas are not very good and you cannot build sentry's/ despencer on half of the map ruins the map for engs. Too easy to spot snipers and pyros/heavies/ soldiers have a tough time keep ammo up on fuller servers. Overall the map is insanely easy for all bosses and feels very boring most the time as good hales will run train and map is too big for a easy hale map. This map just kills the energy of a server.
    5.) vsh_pineyard_final
    Map might be the smallest map in the rotation. Very cramped on a full server and lacks ammo, only 3 ammo the whole map. 2 Large hp and 2 small hp is reasonable but on the low end. Hale can get into red spawn in insanely fast fashion. Trees ruin sight for hale and feels slightly in Blue/ Hale favor . Not a horrible map but not a good map. Again a niche map that prob should be in a secondary rotation.

    6.) vsh_gyros_v2
    There is a v3 version out that helps with the well know fps issue. (Most demanding fps map in the rotation

    Maps that are heavily controversial and maybe some of these should be moved to a 2nd, event like, nomination list.
    7.) vsh_oilrig_v18
    Map is small,dark, 4 ammo and 2 small hp....that's it.....
    Jump pads while fun can be used to sorta stall, overall a sleep fest for hale its disgustingly easy for hales to win. Map however has a lot of nostalgia as its been in vsh rotations for 6-7 years.
    8.) vsh_hella_swag_v3
    Main reason to remove the map is the crashing issues a few people have on the map (sound cache issue), and maybe the friendlies if its deemed a issue and the delaying engs can have in the fall game and people camping in admin room. However this map is well liked and fun and niche enough to be added to another event rotation of some sort.

    9.) arena_badlands
    Map is too easy for hales, 8 ammo, ZERO HP ON THE MAP. Has a large nostalgia factor.
    10.) vsh_pbjungle_b1
    Personally have not played this enough to have super strong opinions either way but I will say that this map is jump pad city and could be used as stalling tactics.
    Trees can be sorta OP for engs as you can build on them and they have different heights you can build on and can be easily reached via jump pads.
    Hale can use jump pad near blue spawn to get in red spawn within 3-4 seconds. Overall a very different map which depending on how you look at it is unique or should be removed.
    Hp/ Ammo is good for map size.
    11.) arena_sawmill
    Map is crazy nostalgic for vsh players which is why this is last, but map has 2 ammo and 2 small hp packs and very easy for hale to navigate the map and is extremely 1 sided for any decent hale. Bad hales often have long rounds with the elevation and dealing with the up-down layout with scouts and other evasive classes. Overall a map that can be very boring and hard to play many types of styles on the map besides eng camp and tryhard demo. Like most of the arena maps above it doesn't work well for vsh due to its design.

    Post opinions on each map and if you disagree or agree with parts or my entire list. This is a map removal thread but I wish for discussion first before anything is final. Like I said 11/68 maps is a lot to remove. Thanks for reading!
  2. CrackuhJax

    CrackuhJax Retired (G-S.N) Admin

    Now while I agree that certain maps are just poorly designed and rounds take FOREVER on them, regardless of player size, some maps are a lot better when there's less players. And just because a map is bad with a near full server, it's not always the same with 10-15.

    Citypeak, Fuji, and Badlands: All these maps are poorly designed and aren't fun regardless of player size, remove them.

    Pineyard: Personally I think this map with a near full server is incredibly fun. The layout of the map allows for practically every class to be viable, which is something that the previous 3 maps lack. I agree that the lack of ammo and health is annoying but it's not as big of an issue on other maps because this map is small enough that they're both always near you. And with a smaller population the map is great because of the size and layout. Keep this map.

    Oilrig: Another map that I think is really fun regardless of player size. The map is dark and the launch pads can be a bit clunky, but the map is still fine in my opinion. The layout allows for a lot of counterplay as a player and makes certain classes really strong if you play them right. Not all classes are viable on this map though, but not all maps will be that way. This is another map that works just as well with less players, keep this map.

    Sawmill: Unlike the previous 2 maps, this map isn't as good with less players. Regardless, if the server has a good amount of players on, the map isn't that bad. I also disagree in that it's not good for multiple playstyles. At least half the classes are viable on this map, yes some are better than others, but they're still viable. Rounds do take long on this map, but I don't think it's that big of a deal, many maps take a while but people still enjoy them. I say keep this map, but I get why some people but not like it.

    The rest of the maps I have little to no playtime on them, so I won't comment on those... but personally I think all minecraft maps should be removed from GSN servers, they're bad.
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  3. Orthros

    Orthros (G-S.N) Admin

    I agree with CrackuhJax's opinions EXCEPT for the following:

    Fuji: While the map is poorly designed, I personally enjoy it. All classes are viable, some more than others, but all ARE viable. The design faults are pretty big, though, but I enjoy Spy on it. Keep this map.

    Oilrig: The map feels far too small for my liking. Perhaps if the walkways weren't as thin... Remove this map.

    I'd like to hear other opinions too, specifically @Flashbackmaniac , @Mun , @Holdfish , and @HunniiBear 's thoughts on these maps.

    Good day.
  4. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    Most of these maps I’ve never played as I haven’t been on VSH in over 3 months but from what I’ve heard, everybody hates the minecraft maps so from that, I’d vote to remove them.

    Fuiji: I’ve never really liked this map and its design.

    Citypeak: Personally, I love playing on this map but the lack of health packs and ammo packs make it a bit of a bore.

    Megaman: I love the megaman maps but I don’t see the harm in removing one of the many we have if that’s what everyone else wants.

    Pineyard: Contrary to people’s opinion of this map, I really like playing on this map and with a full server it’s very enjoyable.

    Oilrig: I’ve always despised this map because of the small amount of hp and ammo. It’s just a boring map as well being that it’s basically just a square. Along with this, half the server leaves when it goes to this map.

    Badlands: Basically the same as oilrig in regards to it being boring and half the server leaves.

    Sawmill: This map has camping areas that a lot of people know about and abuse.
  5. Closed Closet

    Closed Closet New Member

    vsh_minerealms_the_end_depressao: remove it

    2.) vsh_megaman6_rc1: remove it

    3.) vsh_fuiji: definitely remove it, its like watchtower but even worse

    4.) vsh_citypeak_v1: the map itself is fine. doesn't need to be removed.

    5.) vsh_pineyard_final: map is kinda small but it is fun

    6.) vsh_gyros_v2: haven't played it

    7.) vsh_oilrig_v18: this map itself is kinda controversial. i think it has its problems, but it's a classic map and it doesn't need to be removed

    8.) vsh_hella_swag_v3: just a bunch of stale memes, although it is fun at times, honestly im not sure with this one

    9.) arena_badlands: this is one of the least played maps in the rotation, i personally love arena maps and i think this map is fine and doesnt need to be removed

    10.) vsh_pbjungle_b1: played this map on a small server. its way too big, although i think it can be fun to play it's just too big.

    11.) arena_sawmill: even as an arena map it isn't that bad. even on its own its a good map, dont remove it.
  6. Holdfish

    Holdfish (G-S.N) Admin

    Hella swag
    Gyros v2 (v3 looks nice)

    I like the rest.
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  7. Holdfish

    Holdfish (G-S.N) Admin

    Oh yeah,
    Citypeaks is one of my favorite maps.

    Badlands is okay for when server restarts.

    Small megaman is fine, its just wHY DO WE HAVE 2 BIG MEGAMAN MAPS.

    Sawmill is fine, especially how I've seen many people get hit by the saws.

    Pineyard is a maybe. Map is too small, hale can get to spawn pretty quick, but demo/spies pretty much rule that map.
  8. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    Overall here the maps mostly demanded to be removed are:
    fuji 4 negitive opinions (only orthros likes it) 1 positive
    citypeak (consider bears vote negitive) 3-1
    badlands 3 negitive and 2 so so votes
    megaman_rc1 3-0 overwhelmingly to remove it

    oilrig 3 negitive 2 positive ( CC and crack like it)
    minerelams map 1-0 (+me its 2-0 plz remove this one mun)

    fuji, badlands,megaman_rc1 , are all have mostly negitive feedback.
    Also pushing for the minereleams map to be removed since we have 3 minecraft maps and people whine about them (also that map sucks)

    @Mun consider those 4 maps for removal i guess is the overall consensus.
  9. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    Citypeak is also a map to consider removing but the problem with that map is just its lack of hp/amoo and servers tend to die on that map.
  10. CrackuhJax

    CrackuhJax Retired (G-S.N) Admin

    Minecraft maps should die so that's 3 votes to remove minerealms :)
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