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Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by Garyx, Sep 23, 2017.

  1. Garyx

    Garyx New Member

    Player: -Silly-
    STEAMID: STEAM_0:1:78070417

    Violations: Horribly poor attitude towards most of the regulars on the server/ obnoxious/ trash talk/ instigation.

    Chatlog: https://stats.tf2.gaming-servers.net/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=660283

    Over the past couple of months I have seen his/her additude declining more and more, it started out with simple spiteful comments towards others but now is full blown s***ery. Confronted a few times about how he treated others with his trashy one liners. Quite frankly I'm tired of being nice to him and I'm sick of this new constant behavior by him. At this point now he simply calls me "lil ben" (lol whatever that means.) because he apparently thinks it will trigger me, when I went down a list of things that he had done the past couple of months in chat it reverted to very simplified acknowledgements that came off with the vibe that he didn't give two shits about how he acts now. Could we prove him wrong and that he is NOT immune to punishment?

    On top of that (Not that big of a problem but it contributes to his piss poor behavior as of late), he absolutely loves to target ANYONE that calls him out, when I finally confronted him the last few days it's been nothing but targeting me till I'm either killed by him OR I end it myself.
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  2. To be very honest silly dislikes me quite a lot.

    One person said that "Spooky you have no friends" and Silly of course just had to make it worse. I mean I do like to pick on him but that was very very low for silly.
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  3. Garyx

    Garyx New Member

    He has become a serious problem to the point I just chill in spec because I don't wanna deal with him in game. I'm sick of being targeted by him again and again because I finally confronted his rapidly declining behavior in game
  4. Na I don't let Silly put me in spec. Don't let anyone push you to go there.

    Oh and heres the logs about her complaining about me or taka
    One (Me. There is probably more tbvh ) : https://stats.tf2.gaming-servers.net/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=660283&filter=mama

    Two ( Taka. There are more.. ) : https://stats.tf2.gaming-servers.net/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=660283&filter=taka

    Oh and look at this gem :
    2017-09-16 10:45:46 atomic just die. Gaming-Servers.net | Vs. Saxton Hale | San Jose, CA vsh_hakurei_shrine_v3

    Oh look there is more :
    2017-09-15 12:27:02 fuckign simple minded little shits. Gaming-Servers.net | Vs. Saxton Hale | San Jose, CA vsh_tower_of_peril_redux_v6

    + all the profanity

    *thinking emoji*
  5. HunniiBear

    HunniiBear (G-S.N) Admin

    Gagged for one week.
  6. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    I don't think there is enough here personally. I think Silly (pretty sure Silly a "she" ivan) is pretty stubborn, hard-nose, and while obviously me and her don't get along, I don't think what was presented here warrants a gag. Tbh she mostly stays in her lane and just talks to her friends when she plays and shit talks them so I can see some of those chat logs technically being some teasing banter. (Similar to bear and tino stuff imo, with silly often in the tino more vulgar language spot.)

    Not trying to fight you @HunniiBear just saying to @Garyx @(Mama) Sp00ky Asian Bread that you should bring more evidence to more murky cases like this. Just viewing this from Sillys case that a lot of that chat stuff can be situational if its actually cruel or not considered she talks to friends mostly in my experience with her in chat, and you 2 need to come out not complaining about silly targeting, as it has nothing to do with any behavior problems (ivan) and personal opinions that can be subjective and don't add anything to the case (asian) . This is a case to claim silly has problems not a rehab center for her "victims"

    Either way the gag will hopefully humble her a bit, and later enjoy some vsh together. SO I CAN BE THE BETTER HEAVY PLAYER!
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  7. Garyx

    Garyx New Member

    You do understand that she drops racial slurs as well like the N-word right? Figured I might bring that fourth sense you wanna defend someone that has done indefensible things in the server. She is VERY lucky that I only pushed for something this lightly and now that she is on my radar I will insure that any infractions that are caused by her will no longer go unnoticed. I'm tired of her attitude, and the drama she brings to the server by instigating things to others or spitefully lashing out at people when she is called out for her bs. Quite frankly enough is enough. A quick look over her chat log once again shows that she tries to continue to bother and harass me in chat even though she is already gagged(So your humble comment is blown out of the water right here and now, AND that she does not care if she is in the wrong), this type of behavior needs to STOP all together as her bs falls under direct violation of the rules set in place to ensure the server's community runs smoothly. Not to mention on top of everything else, anyone that dares try to confront or bring fourth what she has done is then targeted harder than pizza at an anime convention. In the end Silly's attitude, language, behavior in game have gone unpunished for FAR too long and I will see it to the end that this never happens in the future of GSN's server.
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