Unresolved Should Egypt be removed?

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Should Egyptspot Be removed?

  1. Yes

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  2. No

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  3. Idk man

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  1. The Reasons behind this is

    The map is wayyyy to huge.
    If you are hale you most likely wont live
    Way to many snipers
    In the beginning half of the hales health is dropped bc all of the snipers can shoot you down when the round starts.
    Also you have so many sollys. The fact that you have to catch them when they screw up is a horrible thing. You target one solly the rest come after you.

    Many reasons man.
  2. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

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  3. moof

    moof (G-S.N) Admin

    The map does a really good job at populating the server and a lot of the regulars seem to really like it. Can't really think of any other reason to keep it but I feel like you should keep those factors in mind when deciding whether to remove it or not. Honestly I'd rather be seeing maps like oilrig and such that just completely kill the server before anything like egyptspot gets removed.
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  4. Yeah. I mean you have so many other great maps.

    The question in my mind is like saying who is better mcr or panic! At the disco. Now that I look at it in away that it would start a war then you have to put all of the data together. You have a ton of people that love it but it's a huge map, which would cause people to stall. But on the flip side it has enough health, not too sure about the ammo. Another thing is you will probably get 2 rounds out of the map if people are new. That also goes with the stalling.

    I mean it would be a great map if you shrink it down a little bit and added somethings.

    I mean it would be a chill map if people don't try and play it every five seconds. But if that's was you want to do okay then.

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