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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Mun, Apr 29, 2015.

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    Desert Pepper
    Salsa Diablo

    First off, I like "HOT" salsa, not sorta, kinda, maybe hot. Usually when you get any salsa with jalapenos, the salsa is going to be more of a mild. However, to my delightful surprise, this salsa actually has a kick and burn to it. It doesn't last long, but still a nice and clean burn. I personally prefer clean burns, to that of others which leave a bad aftertaste. This lovely little salsa has a light tomato taste with a hint of a hard wood smokey flavor. The burn goes away after awhile, and lemon soda doesn't seem to ignite it again -sad face-.

    All in all, I would highly suggest this salsa, and will buy it again.

    Burn: 4/5 stars
    Taste: 3/5 stars
    Aftertaste: 5/5 stars
    Heat: medium-hot
    All together: 4/5 stars

    Would be good with chips and salsa, though people whom are inexperienced to heat may find this salsa too hot.
    Might be good over a chicken or pork.

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