Fact Finding... Limbo and Netsrik_Chewy's violations

Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by Garyx, Sep 23, 2017.

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    You beat me to it. Actually I have a few demos of a bunch of kids from earlier. Chewy is just the worst offender.

    I'll post 1 demo for now, containing that 14 year old stoner, along with another micspammer, but it also contains a bunch of other kids from the shitfest earlier this morning. I can post the other demos if anyone else is interested

    HEre's the demo of the micspammers along with a whole bunch of other kids:

    # 8028 "Netsrik_Chewy" [U:1:424091236] 06:27 135 0 active

    [U:1:222264371] THEBEASTERINO
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    I'll check it when I'm off work. Can't wait!
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    From what I viewed from both demos,

    Limbo: Clearly hiding. Even with being called out, he STILL GOES THERE. When hale, he hid around the map for a solid 4 minutes. Then after killing some players, he decided to hide in the same place he did as on the red team.
    4 day ban.

    Chewy: In @Cheeze-e 's demo, he played multiple micspam material like my heart will kazoo, and All star by smash mouth. In @Garyx 's demo, he said that he will stop micspam because people were votemuting him. Then when everyone stopped, he started micspaming again.
    2 day gag.

    Thebeasterino: Micspam. Played Never Gonna get those notes.
    2 day gag.

    Looking through @Garyx 's demo, Rex participated in doing some micspam as well playing spongebob music.

    Rex: 2 days gag. STEAM_0:1:177117282

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  6. HunniiBear

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