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Discussion in 'Bans / Unbans' started by Cheeze-e, Sep 27, 2017.

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    2:40 PM PST

    I am creating this thread on behalf of Spooky. Today, the server was quite hectic, full of random micspammers or otherwise boisterous players. Because this thread is not just for 1 or 2 people specifically, I am going to be structuring this a little differently.

    I'll post the demos first, giving their approximate length and a note if necessary. After, I'll paste the Steam IDs of the players that stick out to me during that time, with a little description, from most problematic to least.


    https://www.dropbox.com/s/hk3d229zr6222i3/just_in_case.dem?dl=0 - 13 minutes long (I believe the good stuff doesn't show until near the end of the demo)

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/e1n79psnl4ve9db/just_in_case_2.dem?dl=0 - 16 minutes long

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/l86aaa7ky6rrlun/aaaaa1.dem?dl=0 - 8 minutes long

    https://www.dropbox.com/s/uxehgzzf6s201hv/aaaaa2.dem?dl=0 - 5 minutes long


    Mr. Whale - # 10003 "Mr.Whale" [U:1:338250714] 1:50:26 50 0 active
    This player micspams, and he also sprays boobies on the server, but he seems to be known as being vile in chat, and seems to target his mostly at Spooky. Apparently, he has been gagged or muted recently, and viewing his chatlogs, I can see why. It also doesn't surprise me that he turned out to be a child. But for now, it seems like it's really just Micspamming that's the main issue today.

    Here's his chatlog if you want to take a look: https://stats.tf2.gaming-servers.net/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=541033&page=1
    And here is his Spray: https://imgur.com/h6wNCT1

    Cooper - # 10000 "Cooper0402" [U:1:246464932] 1:53:05 59 0 active
    This player also micspams. Frankly, his spams are more obnoxious. The server attempted to votemute him, but he still continued, but in more brief sessions. When is not "spamming" he just yells into his microphone, worse than me.

    Pdogboi - # 10020 "pdogboi" [U:1:412308526] 1:09:55 56 0 active
    He doesn't really micspam the same way, just has a very very poor microphone, with what sounds like a hair dryer right next to it. There was one point where he was just holding down his microphone, not speaking and letting the hair dryer noise get louder, but unfortunately, I do not think I had that recorded. What the last 2 demos show (if you are using the "drive" option) is him also being useless and hiding away as scout.

    Miguel - # 10045 "miguel29l" [U:1:450280252] 18:19 60 0 active
    Even though he was on for a very short time, all the time he was on, he micspammed. You can hear his spam at the end of the first Demo.

    Mr. Chunky - # 10059 "Mc.Chunky®" [U:1:369361169] 11:36 61 0 active
    Chunky has a really bad mic, worse than mine, and on par with Pdogboi. When I told him about his bad mic, he just blew me off and told me to shut up. He also seem to love to tell people off. I've seen him do it in the past.

    Here's his short chatlog: https://stats.tf2.gaming-servers.net/hlstats.php?mode=chathistory&player=675804

    Hey, appreciate anyone who responds to this, whether you're going to take action from this, or if it's just to chew me out.
  2. The Whale guy is supposedly still gagged and muted? I don't know. I have demos but they are the same as Cheeze-e's

    The Whale seems to be targeting me mostly. From changing his name to "spooky is ass" to saying "spooky I will ban u" He seems to love to target me. He says I don't need to tell people the rules so I asked him what was better me not saying what the rules are and someone getting banned or saying the rules and no one getting banned. Of course I got the "turn off your computer" and "get a job" remark.

    Basically he can't handle the truth of the situation
  3. Flashbackmaniac

    Flashbackmaniac (G-S.N) Admin

    Alright, let's run through the list of players, shall we?

    Mr. Whale: I do not know why the silence were not applied, as he was already silenced on September 21st. In addition, the silence on Source Bans and the steam ID you gave both link to the same profile.

    Cooper: The third demo had him yelling over the microphone / screeching into it. A two day mute was placed on him.

    Pdogboi: I have placed a two day gag on this player for having a bad microphone / holding his microphone button in. I only counted one instance of him hiding / stalling, and that was in the fourth demo. Can you point at the time stamp in the third demo where he was hiding / stalling?

    Miguel: Mic spam was evident at the end of the first demo. As such, a two day mute was placed on him.

    Mr. Chunky: I did not find evidence pertaining to him having a bad microphone, however, what I do know is that I have been warning him multiple times that his microphone needs fixing. If I catch him doing so again, he will be muted on the spot.
  4. Cheeze-e

    Cheeze-e New Member

    @Flashbackmaniac Regarding Pdogboi, the 3rd demo does show him being useless, but the only way to see it is using the "Drive" option in the DemoUI menu. It is a little confusing to use. If you want to try for yourself, he becomes useless twice, one at the 2:30 minute mark, and the other at the 6 minute mark.

    Both times, he is a Scout, but he hides in the underwater cavern. He "claims" briefly that he is helping the engineers in there, but really, all he's doing is just hiding in there with them, running around in circles.

    Just in case you can't get it to work, here is a short clip of it happening:

    Also with Chunky, I do hear the bad mic near the end of the 3rd demo, but it is still brief.

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