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    I have two colo'd boxes at FiberHub. This was due to me needing to get out of a terrible host, as well as a lovely server donated to me by Francisco at BuyVM. Initially things were ok, and I moved most of my server task to this location and began doing some compression of my VPS base. However, with time I became frustrated at there network. Many things from the East of Las Vegas would slow down to below a crawl during certain hours. This drove me up a wall because many times I was trying to pull data from the east coast and I couldn't. There was rampant lagg spikes, and eventually I became tired of the whole mess. The bright side about this is they have wonderful connections to Los Angeles, and I simply setup a GRE tunnel to a small VM at Ramnode. After that most of my issues were resolved, and in time I haven't noticed anymore of those East coast network issues. This could be also because I moved a lot off to Dacentec, which had better connections to the west coast then my Fiber Hub server.

    Would I suggest this company, not without caution. They are cheap, and they are a provider and I haven't had too many problems other then a poor performing network. However, that is one of the key elements to having a server at a datacenter. I give them a 2.5/5

    • Gaming Servers
    • DST Community Servers
    • Ark Server
    • Misc.


    Proof of Ownership:


    Stats: (VM)
    ##System Information
    OS Name:  Debian GNU/Linux 8.2 (jessie) (64 bit)
    Hostname:  las-3
    Public IP:  204.77.xxx.xxx
    CPU Model:  Common KVM processor
    CPU Cores:  4 core @  2493.822 MHz
    CPU Cache:  4096 KB
    Total RAM:  7.8GB (Free 129MB)
    Total SWAP: 10GB (Free 10GB)
    Total Space: 246GB (36% used)
    Running for: 43days - 12hrs 49min 26sec
    ##CDN Speedtest
    CacheFly:  11.3MB/s
    Internode: 4.96MB/s
    ##North America Speedtest
    SoftLayer, Dallas, USA: 5.49MB/s
    ReliableSite, Piscataway, USA: 2.12MB/s
    OVH, Beauharnois, Canada: 2.37MB/s
    Softlayer, Washington, USA: 3.42MB/s
    SoftLayer, San Jose, USA: 7.06MB/s
    Vultr, Dallas, USA: 10.9MB/s
    Vultr, New Jersey, USA: 4.86MB/s
    Vultr, Seattle, USA: 10.9MB/s
    ##Europe Speedtest
    RedStation, Gosport, UK: 1.04MB/s
    EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden: 1.12MB/s
    OVH, Roubaix, France: 1.82MB/s
    Prometeus, Milan, Italy: 2.61MB/s
    LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany: 4.82MB/s
    Interactive3D, Amsterdam, NL: 5.19MB/s
    Vultr, London, UK: 2.46MB/s
    Vultr, Amsterdam, NL: 4.58MB/s
    ##Asia Speedtest
    SoftLayer, Singapore, Singapore 1.95MB/s
    Linode, Singapore, Singapore 2.28MB/s
    Linode, Tokyo, Japan: 3.02MB/s
    Vultr, Tokyo, Japan: 5.66MB/s
    ##IO Test
    I/O Speed :  110 MB/s
    I/O Direct :  264 MB/s
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