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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Mun, Oct 8, 2015.

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    I have been with Datashack for years and they have treated me very well. Though there network is pure He.net, it has treated me very well. Over the years I have had a few weird incidents like a quick and random move, a massive UPS failure, and a few random power outages. Even with all that they have provided a great service for the price as it is my cheapest colo in my cluster of servers. All in all, the network preforms well and has transfered TBs of data for me over the years. Though I do have the occasional blip, when it is working it goes as fast as it can.

    I would suggest this provider for anyone looking for a cheap hosting service that doesn't have a bearing on location. I give them a 3.5/5.

    Formerly web server, recently revamped and rebuilt.



    Proof of Ownership:

    From inside VM:
     ##System Information
     OS Name:  Debian GNULinux 8
     (64 bit)
     Hostname:  dragon
     Public IP:  173.208.xxx.xxx
     CPU Model:  Common KVM processor
     CPU Cores:  4 core @  2327.498 MHz
     CPU Cache:  4096 KB
     Total RAM:  2.0GB (Free 1.9GB)
     Total SWAP: 1.3GB (Free 1.3GB)
     Total Space: 33GB (3% used)
     Running for: 0days - 0hrs 1min 38sec
     ##CDN Speedtest
     CacheFly:  34.6MB/s
     Internode: 3.16MB/s
     ##North America Speedtest
     SoftLayer, Dallas, USA: 39.8MB/s
     ReliableSite, Piscataway, USA: 17.4MB/s
     OVH, Beauharnois, Canada: 13.6MB/s
     Softlayer, Washington, USA: 31.7MB/s
     SoftLayer, San Jose, USA: 21.4MB/s
     Vultr, Dallas, USA: 1.66MB/s
     Vultr, New Jersey, USA: 31.6MB/s
     Vultr, Seattle, USA: 22.2MB/s
     ##Europe Speedtest
     RedStation, Gosport, UK: 2.48MB/s
     EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden: 2.89MB/s
     OVH, Roubaix, France: 3.80MB/s
     Prometeus, Milan, Italy: 6.50MB/s
     LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany: 4.24MB/s
     Interactive3D, Amsterdam, NL: 4.66MB/s
     Vultr, London, UK: 9.46MB/s
     Vultr, Amsterdam, NL: 10.0MB/s
     ##Asia Speedtest
     SoftLayer, Singapore, Singapore 5.33MB/s
     Linode, Singapore, Singapore 5.33MB/s
     Linode, Tokyo, Japan: 6.68MB/s
     Vultr, Tokyo, Japan: 6.57MB/s
     ##IO Test
     I/O Speed :  297 MB/s
     I/O Direct :  423 MB/s

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