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    By far one of the best providers I have had to deal with is Catalysthost under the helm of Ryan Arp. They are one of the providers that you setup your server, and then forget about. I rarely have had any issues with any server in the past 2+ years. I of course have the occasional outage, but that is where they really shine. In these very few outages I contact support, and within a few moments reply they are already working to resolve the issue. One of the very few providers that I know that are proactive on there deployment and have proper alerting to when problems arise.

    I would highly suggest these lovely gents any day of the week, and they are worth your time and money to get to know them. I give them a 5/5!

    I currently use these servers for a gaming community I run, as well as a storage server that holds a collection of files and backups from days previous.




    Proof of Ownership:

    ##System Information
    OS Name:  Debian GNU/Linux 7.9 (wheezy) (64 bit)
    Hostname:  dallas1
    Public IP:  162.250.XXX.XX
    CPU Model:  Intel(R) Xeon(R) CPU E5-2620 0 @ 2.00GHz
    CPU Cores:  4 core @  2000.102 MHz
    CPU Cache:  15360 KB
    Total RAM:  2.0GB (Free 1.3GB)
    Total SWAP: 512MB (Free 0BB)
    Total Space: 77GB (27% used)
    Running for: 77days - 22hrs 3min 5sec
    ##CDN Speedtest
    CacheFly:  90.4MB/s
    Internode: 9.80MB/s
    ##North America Speedtest
    SoftLayer, Dallas, USA: 93.9MB/s
    ReliableSite, Piscataway, USA: 45.5MB/s
    OVH, Beauharnois, Canada: 18.2MB/s
    Softlayer, Washington, USA: 22.7MB/s
    SoftLayer, San Jose, USA: 44.7MB/s
    Vultr, Dallas, USA: 104MB/s
    Vultr, New Jersey, USA: 34.1MB/s
    Vultr, Seattle, USA: 23.9MB/s
    ##Europe Speedtest
    RedStation, Gosport, UK: 11.8MB/s
    EDIS, Stockholm, Sweden: 2.81MB/s
    OVH, Roubaix, France: 16.4MB/s
    Prometeus, Milan, Italy: 15.6MB/s
    LeaseWeb, Frankfurt, Germany: 16.3MB/s
    Interactive3D, Amsterdam, NL: 14.1MB/s
    Vultr, London, UK: 13.3MB/s
    Vultr, Amsterdam, NL: 13.3MB/s
    ##Asia Speedtest
    SoftLayer, Singapore, Singapore 8.68MB/s
    Linode, Singapore, Singapore 9.76MB/s
    Linode, Tokyo, Japan: 14.4MB/s
    Vultr, Tokyo, Japan: 10.8MB/s
    ##IO Test
    I/O Speed :  277 MB/s
    I/O Direct :  391 MB/s
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