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  1. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    Please make a list for me all maps that you wish to have added to GSN previous and current. Please don't post any maps that you don't think will fly.


    Link to website What Server Quality VSH 10/10

    Thank you!
  2. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    Categorized in updates then in best scores imo of each map. Bold are highly recommended moves.

    Maps that can be updated. vsh 9.5/10/ Update/ vsh_Yammoe_v5 (Replacing v4) vsh 9.4/10 /Update/vsh_brewery_v4 (old:v2) vsh 8/10 /Update/vsh_pruvia_v9 (replacing v4) vsh 7.001/0 /Update /Military_Zone_v3 (Replacing Military_Area_B1)
    Thread here:

    New maps to be added. vsh 9/10 / BRAND NEW/ vsh_chinatown_b2 vsh 9/10 /New /HELLA_SWAG_V3 vsh 9/10 /New /Jungle_beach_v2
    Thread here: vsh 8.2/10 /New / vsh_nebula_RC1 vsh 7.5/10/New / vsh_drejun_v2 vsh 7.1/10 / New /vsh_minecraft_ether_depressao_v2
    Thread here: vsh 6.7/10/New / vsh_minerealms_the_end_depressao Thread ^
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  3. moof

    moof (G-S.N) Admin

  4. Mun

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