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Does this map warrant a shot in the vsh map rotation ?

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  1. Chicago_Ben

    Chicago_Ben I regret everything.

    Map: Vsh_egyptyspot_redone_v4b
    File size in bsp format 25.4 MB
    download link (mediafire):
    -Lowest fps tested in old verison: 175, averages around 255 ; newer version: 155, averages around 230

    Changes from original version (egyptyspot_B4)
    -Hale stays in spawn for 3 seconds, once hes free is invincible for 2 more seconds (5 total from start)

    -Made a stupidly large and detailed 3d skybox

    -Created a lot of detail beyond the playable part of the map with a lot of it setting obvious boundary areas.

    -Afk killer in Blue spawn, (the broken rooftop) it triggers 14 seconds after the round starts (so 24 from the start of the round)
    This may or may not be working properly in server testing with the vsh plugin

    -Made a walkway next to blue spawn that has ladders that give another way to climb to the top area besides the climbing tower.

    -You are no longer able to team-kill with spikes in the "secret room", instead you teleport your teammates into the secret room if they are in the way of the spikes, but if a blue player is in the spikes as well as a red it you do not get teleport-ed and will get hurt as well as the boss.

    - Changed physics of the inner water area so you no longer get stuck in that corner, every corner of the water has a 1 time push that can still be used to swing around fast but now you can go backwards if you try.

    -Added a push ramp above Blue's spawn, goes at different speeds for each team,910 for reds, 465 for blues....the speed is just enough for hales to super jump to the pool area with a timed super jump. There is a pathway to get the push ramp on bottom.

    -Added a wooden ramp that allows more access to the top platforms above the tunnels and secret area.

    -REMOVED FULL HP KITS REMOVED FULL HP KITS. Really though redesigned hp ammo placements throughout the map, overall the juicier hp is harder to reach and ammo/hp overall is more spread out in more parts of the map.

    -Found some barbed wire props that hurt players 10 damage per second, designed to discourage sniping in some areas or making harder calls if you go up the "wooden ramp"

    -Red team has like 16 hints that fire 3 times at random before the round starts, giving tips and explaining some of the more complex parts of the map.

    - Spikes also do more damage from 200 per unit to 325, can kill hales that have around 2.5k.

    -Added a secondary route to get to the secret/spike room, it goes around the backside of the spikes that ONLY BLUES CAN BREAK, thus blues can choose to give reds the chance to use that 2nd area, once in that secondary route you can also break the a wall in that area that leads to red spawn. Again only blues can break these 3 walls.

    - Shrunk southern-most boundary of map a decent amount so players can't hide on the far end of the map.

    -Added indoor and outdoor soundscapes , as well as some bird sounds outdoors and rat sounds indoors.

    -2 Gators in the water that are 1 hit kills for Red team and do 1000 per second for hales ( It gives uber duper jump to hales), if blues touch it they get slowed 33 % for 3 seconds.

    -The long narrow walkways on the top platform are now wooden bridges that are wider (64 units to 100), Harder for hales to fall off.


    -Made 2 button patterns that can trigger a secret teleport that gives a trail and some abilities depending on which team the teleport-ed player was on
    Blue:You get 25 % smaller
    Red: Your model gets 25 % bigger, 85 % of normal gravity ( So 15 % lighter) Can't enter teleport area again since you are too big.

    -Too much detail and clipping, should be no exploits in terms of out of map stuff and hiding with the size changes.

    Last part, picture comparisons old vs new: Screenshot (550b).png
    Screenshot (550a).png
    Screenshot (551a).png
    Screenshot (551b).png
    3. Tunnel Screenshot (552a).png
    Screenshot (552b).png
    4. Overview.
    Screenshot (553a).png
    Screenshot (553b).png
    5. Pool area
    Screenshot (554a).png
    Screenshot (554b).png
    6. Pit room/middle room
    Screenshot (555a).png
    Screenshot (555b).png
    7. Red spawn.
    Screenshot (556a).png
    Screenshot (556b).png
    8. Blue spawn.
    Screenshot (557a).png
    Screenshot (557b).png
    9. new capture point. (no point for gsn but eh)
    Screenshot (558a).png
    Screenshot (558b).png

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  2. Cheeze-e

    Cheeze-e New Member

    My Boy!!
  3. Theexplorer25

    Theexplorer25 (G-S.N) Admin

    add this map already
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  4. I've played this map on a private server and it's quite nice. I like how balanced it is. Also it looks very nice and clean. The play style is also very nice. Great job!
  5. TheWizard14

    TheWizard14 New Member

    Love the new changes. The old one looks so barren.
  6. Pepis

    Pepis New Member

    It will probs be a good map
  7. Mun

    Mun Administrator

    Adding map now.
  8. Mun

    Mun Administrator


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