Collecting Evidence for your Ban / Gag / Mute Request

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    Collecting the information you need to create a ban / gag / mute request is important, as they will be your evidence to support your claim. This guide will help you in obtaining that information, whether through demos or G-S.N's stats page.

    If you are ready to create a ban / gag / mute request, head to this thread on how to format it correctly:


    Demos are a strong piece of evidence. When used correctly, its visuals can be used as a replay in what exactly happened on the server. Below is the procedure to recording demos if you haven't recorded one before.


    The console is the window within Valve created software and games where you can execute commands and change settings. Here, we will use it to record demos and obtaining the information we need if you are using demos as part as your evidence. Here is how you can access the console if you do not have access to it. If you already can access the console, you can skip this step.
    1. Launch TF2. (or any other Valve game)
    2. When the main menu appears, click on the options button.
    3. Within the keyboard tab, there should be a button under it labeled "Advanced..." Click it, and it will open up a separate window.
    4. There should a tick box next to the item called "Enable developer console". Click it, and close it by clicking OK.
    5. Make sure you settings are saved by clicking on OK or Apply in the options window. Otherwise, you may need to redo the steps above.
    6. Commands can be sent through the console by typing up the syntax and then pressing the ENTER key, or by clicking the Submit button on the right side of the window.

    Recording / Stopping / Retrieving a demo
    1. Connect to the server, if you haven't done so already.
    2. When connected, you can join either BLU or RED. Spectator mode can help if you want to point out a situation (such as multiple players stalling the round).
    3. Press the ~ (tilde) key. This is usually located near the top left of your keyboard.
    4. This will open up the console. Within it, there should be a prompt at the bottom.
    5. Within the prompt, type "record <demo name here>". Press ENTER to start the recording the demo using the name you put in <demo name here>.
    6. While recording, it is imperative that you supply a list of the current list of players with their steam IDs. To do so, open up the console again if it is closed and type "status".
    7. After doing so, you may begin recording evidence of the player or players in question.
    8. When you think you recorded enough, open up the console and type "stop".
    9. Retrieving a demo requires going into the Steam folder on your computer. The file directory for saved demos are usually found at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf. The demo you recorded will be saved under the name you set it to when you first imputed the record command.
    10. When the demo you wish to use as evidence is found, you may upload it to one of various file hosting websites, such as Mediafire.
    • If the server switches maps, any demo still recording will automatically stop. You may record another by following the steps above again on the next map.
    • A word of caution: if you record a demo using the same name as another one that exists on your computer, the new demo will overwrite the old one.

    Evidence from G-S.N's Stats Page
    Additionally, you may gather information using G-S.N's stats page. It provides a data base for our servers where information such as player profiles, their sessions, their previous sent messages in chat, their steam ID, and more. In addition, data pertaining to the servers such as player connections and the chat log can be found here.

    A couple of notes before using this as part of your evidence:
    • This method is primarily used for gag requests. The player's chat log can be pulled up and examined. Control + F can help search for specific key words, as well as the search function within the chat log pages.
    • The request in question must be made within seven days, for when that amount of time elapses, the messages starting from the last page will be deleted.
    • Significant proof must be provided that the player in question is using offensive text language, meaning that the language in question must be said more than once.
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