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    So this is going to be long, but bare with me.
    This is for @luc and @chris. So simply put, fuck off Jeremiah.
    First let me say, I apologize for the above, but I am at the last straw with ChicagoVPS and i’m not in the mood for a BS answer. As you can see from this I’m not the only one who think Jeremiah is an asshole. Note: I have had issues with him as well, and frankly I’m tired of it. I pay for a service on time, every month and I don’t deserve answers that are pretty much pointless, and self centered. To make a further note I have hosted with many different VPS companies, and still am, but Jeremiah is the worst technician I have ever talked to.
    Now I’m not here to bash Jeremiah, but I don’t feel like wasting my time on an answer that simply doesn’t help me in any way. So I would like to state a thank you to @luc and @chris for actually helping me with my tickets.
    So lets get down to business. I have asked multiple times for you to check into my Chicago-vp2, Chicago-VPS3, and Chicago-VPS4 servers, and most of the time I am simply blown off when asking about why the performance is so slow. I would like to note that all 3 of those servers are on the same node and the issue happens across all of them. So it isn’t just me overloading my VPS, or something that is just slow in general. This issue has been happening for over the last few months as you can see from my ticket history.
    So to try and resolve this issue on my own I have updated the servers, restarted them, checked there disk space, ran HTOP to see if I was running a random service that was blowing up and I couldn’t find a damn thing. I checked, and checked and checked. I then looked at your twitter feed to see if something was going on and Nope. At that point I finally put a ticket in and get pretty much a response to say that there is nothing wrong with the server. So after the past few months of having a far below average performance on service I have had it, mainly due to the fact that today I did an update on my application that I run and one of my other servers took ~20 minutes. The ones that were hosted on your chicago servers took an astronomical 4 hours for the exact same task. That is a magnitude of 6 times larger. Well you can state hey we are a “shared service.” Yes I know, so maybe 40 minutes give or take, right? Ohhh, did I mention that the server that took about 20 minutes is hosted on a box that is from 2006 and that box only has a dual single core 2.8Ghz with Hyper Threading? So pretty much no where near the performance of your boxes. So yeah, this service as it currently is unacceptable.
    Well then you may state, its the application you run. Alright let me explain what I run on Chicago-VPS1, Chicago-VPS2, and Chicago-VPS4. I run a game server called Team Fortress 2. Here is the link to there site: On each of those servers I run 2 TF2 servers which get somewhat decent traffic. So here is a picture of that server I was talking about that had the 20 minute update:


    I wanted to show you the type of usage that is going on. Please note that this is running 3 servers and these three servers are under high traffic load. Generally being full on a 24/7 basis. So I really doubt that what I am doing on your servers is really that large of a task.
    Now I have limited the issue down to excessively slow IO. Now this issue isn’t just for the Application, but for updating the server, logging into it, installing application, and pretty much anything else I do on the server. So its not a bad install of the application.
    So I think I have covered my basis that there is an issue, so lets get onto resolving.
    One of the things about running a gaming server is that IP is key. That being said I extremely don’t want to change the IP to resolve this issue. If I have to change the IP I have to ask everyone to change it as well as losing the reputation on that IP address. However, I am at such a point that I am willing if absolutely needed to change that IP to try and get this issue resolved. So I was thinking that possibly you could transfer my VPS to a different node that is less taxed.
    If you think it is just my virtual server I am willing to allow you to go in and check it out, as I have nothing to hide. I will even if needed rebuild the server if that is what it will take to resolve it.
    This all being said, this is my last attempt with you guys, I am already looking at other hosts in the Chicago area and they all look promising.
    The ball is in your court.

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