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    With all the Drama here on LET and VPSBoard about overselling, shady business, and bad service, I figured it was time for some other type of post.

    In comes::

    I consider these guys one of the lesser known beauties of the VPS market, and here is why. Nothing really goes wrong with there servers, so no one really has a chance to complain. Thus no super marketing "#winning" (ohh I mean "#Whinning") PR for them. As one user here on LET stated "Catalysthost is the pioneer of humble and stable hosting." Which I couldn't agree more with.

    With most companies, you put in about 7 tickets over a couple month span alerting them of slow performance, or network issues. However, in the past 8 months I have put 7 tickets in with Catalyst, and not one of them was because of an issue with there servers/service. They were all questions about general everyday stuff (like bandwidth upgrades, and the occasional DDOS alert). Trust me, it is a nice feeling knowing your system is running tip top.

    It may be seen on my monitor that I don't have great uptime with my catalyst servers, but that isn't because of them. That is because of me tinkering with them, and adding cool new stuff to run on them. In actuality, they have only restarted the node once in the past 8 months, and that was planned, and alerted over email, twitter, and there site. It was a beautiful change to the norm of "Why did my server go down yesterday?".

    I can't recommend Catalysthost enough, and I really hope for you to be a customer soon as well, and I am not the only one that thinks this way: && one of my previous reviews on them:

    All in all, if you need someone to trust your important data too, Catalysthost is the one!

    Order your server now!

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